Family, Couples, Infants and Adolescent

Family, Couples, Children and
Adolescent Treatmen

Imago Therapy is for couples, individuals,
parents and families.  Experiencing conscious,
committed, loving relationships at their
highest level is one of life’s most joyous gifts.
It can be very painful when the deep
connection slips away.  If you have reached
this point, I hope you will seek Imago
Relationship Therapy!  It is highly effective
in resolving conflict, deepening
understanding and restoring connection.

Couples who:
Are experiencing difficulties and
want to resolve conflicts
Want to enrich their relationship
Just beginning a relationship or
contemplating marriage
Wanting to save a marriage rather than

Individuals who want to:
Understand why past relationships
didn’t work
Understand current relationship
Breaking destructive patterns of
Create satisfying and fulfilling

Parents who want to:
Bridge the communication gaps with
Understand the source of frustration
with their children
Eliminate power struggle
Learn effective ways to resolve conflict
Increase family harmony

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